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What is included in our Yard Cleanup services?

Yard cleanup is a detail-oriented process, but it’s also essential to your yard. Cleanup doesn’t just make your yard look better. It’s essential for your yard’s health. We scour your whole yard and remove anything that doesn’t belong. We what’s good for it and what isn’t

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Why Trust A.R Lawn Service with Your Yard Cleanups

Your yard isn’t just a property; it’s your home. We treat your yard and you with the respect you deserve. A.R Lawn Service cares about building lifelong relationships with our clients and bringing our values to every job we do.

  • Good Communication - One of the main complaints many people have about service companies is a lack of communication. We are careful to let you know what we're doing when and stay in touch when you need us. We keep it simple and painless.
  • Exceptional Service - Every detail matters. AR pays attention to all the details and brings outstanding care to every job, large and small.
  • Relationship-based - Landscaping isn't a one-time thing. It's a constant process based on consistency. We build relationships with our clients so that we can take care of one of their most important possession, their homes.

How Does Yard Cleanup Improve Your Landscape?

Removes Obstacles to Your Plants Health
Your lawn and other plants get their nutrients from the environment surrounding them. Anything that rests on top of your plants can prevent sunlight, water, and food from reaching your plants. Staying on top of keeping your lawn clear of debris means your plants will keep getting what they need to thrive.
Prevents Mold and Freezing from Trapped Water
In addition to blocking good things out, plant debris can trap water. When water can’t evaporate, it can cause problems for the plants it sits atop. This can mean forming ice and killing more vulnerable flora during the winter. All year, it can also cause mold to grow, which is both unsightly and unhealthy.
Increases Aesthetic Appeal
Of course, the most apparent benefit of yard cleanups is that you get a cleaner yard! Your yard looks better when it’s not full of trash and plant debris. In addition, regular yard cleanup keeps your yard neat and shows everyone that you care about your property. But, of course, that also raises your property value!

What Else Does Your Landscape Need to Stay Healthy & Beautiful

Regular Maintenance Makes Lovely Yards Stay Lovely

Yard Cleanups are just one piece of the puzzle of keeping your yard beautiful and healthy. We provide the design and installation for all your property’s features and then maintain them.

Lawn Maintenance
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Of all the pieces of your yard, your lawn requires the most frequent maintenance. AR mows your property, then trims, edges, and blows it out to keep it looking great.

Lawn Care

Lawn Care- A.R Lawn Service LLC

Beyond maintenance, your lawn needs additional care to keep it healthy. Some of the most important tasks include aeration (adding space in your soil), overseeding, lawn treatments such as fertilizer, and pre- and post-emergent weed prevention.

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Plant Trimming & Pruning
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Did you know that though both involve cutting to improve a plant’s health and appearance, there’s a difference between trimming and pruning? Trees, shrubs, and other plants need trimming to stay neat and stimulate growth and pruning to remove the unhealthy parts of plants and keep the whole plant healthy.

For a more beautiful, neater, and healthier yard, call A.R Lawn Service for reliable yard cleanup, landscaping, and lawn maintenance & more in Burbank, Evergreen Park, Oak Lawn & the surrounding areas.

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