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What is included in our snow removal services?

Snow is beautiful to look at, admire, and enjoy with the family. However, it can also be incredibly dangerous and damaging to your home and landscape. This potential danger is why it’s crucial to have snow removal services done as much as possible, specifically in the most problematic areas. Our team will consult with you about your concerns and the size and setup of your landscape. Then, we take note of what hardscape surfaces you have (driveways, walkways, patios, etc.) and find the best way to clear those areas. Once we’re finished, we can address any other problems and schedule additional removal if the weather makes it necessary!
Professionals removing snow from walkway outside of home in Hometown, IL

Why is A.R Lawn Service, LLC the right choice for me?

You need a team you can count on, and ours is dedicated to addressing your needs:
  • Making our customers comfortable and feel validated is very important; we work hard to achieve a close customer-business relationship with everyone.
  • We believe in living by the term “exceptional service” for all our customers, meaning your satisfaction will always be our number one priority.
  • This company is locally owned with years of experience to rely on; having grown up in the area, the owner knows how important communication and community are to everyone.

How does this service help my landscape?

You and your guests will be safe to walk around.
It’s unrealistic to avoid walking around your property during the winter – and you shouldn’t be afraid to, either, because it’s your property! Unfortunately, snow and ice are inevitable and can make even the simplest of tasks daunting. Our snow removal services are there to help relieve you and anyone else of those fears. We want you to enjoy your property and still be able to have people over without the concern of slipping, sliding, and injuries from falling!
The chances of severe hardscape damage occurring drop.
It may be hard to imagine, but your hard surfaces are not invincible and are at risk of different damages throughout the year. Very low temperatures, snow, and ice sitting on these surfaces for too long are the biggest threat during the coldest times. It’s essential to consider snow removal for your property to avoid costly repairs and unsavory eyesores down the line. Temperature shifts, melting snow, and refreezing can cause your hardscaping to crack or become uneven, making existing structural problems bigger without any intervention!
Less snow melting means less excess water damage to your lawn.
You might be excited for the day when the blanket of snow on your lawn melts away, and you can begin to see the green grass again. However, when the snow melts, it will turn into backwater; that water has to go somewhere – not all of it may soak into the ground. Excess water makes its way across your lawn without snow removal to remove some of the problems. Too much in the soil will oversaturate it and drown surviving plant life, and too much on your hard surfaces will flood it, potentially causing warping in wood or uneven positioning in concrete!

What other services should I consider for my property?

Everything you do for your lawn increases its longevity – these services are no different!

Your landscape is a living, breathing oasis of color and dimension, but it’s still vulnerable. Without the proper attention, it won’t thrive and retain its strength:
Yard Cleanups
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keeping your lawn clear of any debris assists in maintaining the health and longevity of the grass.

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Image7- A.R Lawn Service LLC

If you want your blooms to survive the harsh winter conditions, having this protective blanket over them will do wonders.

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Aeration- A.R Lawn Service LLC

after the cold has come and gone, the first thing on your to-do list should be ensuring the soil isn’t compacted and is ready to begin the growth cycle.

You don’t have to play a guessing game with your lawn – trusting the professionals will guarantee the desired results. At A.R Lawn Service, LLC, we’re your reliable source for making your landscape beautiful with snow removal services in Oak Lawn, Orland Park, Lemont, and surrounding areas of Illinois! Lawn care made simple!

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Lawn care made simple!

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