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In Cook County, Illinois, lies a wonderful suburb of Chicago called Palos Hills. It’s not an overly large area, with around 18,000 residents to call it home. However, it’s still a fine place to visit if given a chance, and an even better place to live! The area was predominantly a farming community until World War II, when land developers saw an opportunity for expansion and improvement. So the residents voted in 1958 to incorporate the city of Palos Hills, and its first mayor was elected soon after. Some notable folks from this fine city include Professional Ice Hockey Player Christian Dvorak and T.J. McFarland, a professional baseball pitcher! This area is just as lovely as its surrounding counterparts and shares in its various weather patterns and natural beauty, with plenty to see and do. We see some chilling lows in the wintertime, accompanied by plenty of snow. Still, we get a beautiful break during the summer, where we see sunshine and pleasant temperatures perfect for outdoor activities. From the coldest season to the warmest, we see a range of temperatures from 19° to 84° – luckily, not back-to-back! It is our pleasure to make this city a better, more beautiful place to live and to help our fellow residents in any way we can!
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Landscape- A.R Lawn Service LLCYour lawn can be a work of art free for everyone to admire if it’s set up properly and taken care of.

With green grass, groomed trees, and the right placement of plants and hardscaping, you can create a space to enjoy that’s unique to your style!

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Snow Removal
Image2- A.R Lawn Service LLCSafety is, and always should be, your number one concern during the wintertime because ice and snow are inevitable. That safety goes for you, those living in the home, and guests visiting your home. Part of staying safe is having regular snow removal services done to your heart and escaping to avoid slips and falls! Read More
Lawn Mowing
Lawn Mowing- A.R Lawn Service LLCMowing your lawn seems mundane and obvious, but many homeowners don’t realize how crucial it is to lawn health. Additionally, having a consistent mowing schedule and mowing during the proper times of day greatly affects the effectiveness. Read More
Lawn Care
Lawn Care- A.R Lawn Service LLCFor your lawn to remain green and thriving, it often needs a helping hand to give it a little boost. Our lawn care services include aeration, overseeding, fertilizer application, and weed control services to eliminate invasive problems and improve soil health. Read More
Image6- A.R Lawn Service LLC Mulching areas around your lawn deserves special recognition because of the long list of benefits it provides for your lawn. Acting as a shield against severe weather and drastic temperatures, it gives flowers and shrubs a better chance of survival! Read More
Image8- A.R Lawn Service LLCSometimes, your landscape is nearly perfect the way it is – it’s just missing that final touch to make it exactly what you want! We communicate with our customers about what they feel is missing, find out what they like, and plant their new flora in places that will best impact the aesthetic of their landscape. Read More
A.R Lawn Service! is happy to offer everyone reliable landscaping, snow removal, lawn mowing, lawn care, and more in Palos Hills, Illinois! We guarantee a positive, friendly, and professional environment for all our customers, where clear communication is always guaranteed. We always strive for quality work and ensure a lasting, strong relationship with everyone we do business with! Lawn care made simple!

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