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Orland Park is a 22-square-mile suburban village in Cook County, Illinois. Just a 25-mile drive Southwest of Chicago, Orland Park shares a special connection to the Windy City, Chicago-O’Hare airport, and Midway airports via the Metra commuter rail system. At A.R Lawn Service, we love doing our part to help beautify and care for the landscapes of Orland Park all year. Orland Park enjoys the extremes of all four seasons; rainy springs and warm summers alike. While there’s no denying the cold in the winter, it’s not all bad, and we take advantage of the chill perks. Some of the parks and thrilling activities to do around Orland Park include winter recreation, like our ice-skating rink. Of course, indoor activities are available at our recreation facilities for the less gifted, balance-wise – and looking to get out of the cold on those chilly winter days.

What Can A.R Lawn Service Do for Your Orland Park Property?

Snow Removal
Image2- A.R Lawn Service LLCWhen you live in Orland Park, snow removal isn’t a luxury; it’s necessary for several months of the year. While you may think you can save a few dollars taking care of your own snow, the time it takes to shovel and the potential exhaustion or injuries could all be a loss in the long run. So call A.R Lawn Service, and you’ll be on the schedule for snow removal before the first flake hits! Read More
Image7- A.R Lawn Service LLCWhat would your landscape be without mulch? Your most precious parts of your yard would be a weedy, muddy mess! Whether made of stone, manufactured, or organic materials, mulch creates the perfect backdrop for your plant life while providing the environment to thrive. So what does mulch do for your plants? Mulch is a weed barrier, insulator, decoration, fertilizer, and valuable tool for water retention, to name a few of the reasons we value it. Read More
Lawn Care
Lawn Care- A.R Lawn Service LLCLawn care isn’t actually about keeping your lawn mowed as technically, mowing is its own thing! However, lawn care is about everything your grass needs to stay healthy. When we care for your lawn, we provide lawn treatments and fertilizer. We also aerate the soil to give your grass more room to grow and overseed to fill bare spots where grass has died. Read More
Yard Cleanups
Image6- A.R Lawn Service LLCYard cleanups are time-consuming and detail-oriented tasks. It helps to have the right equipment and know what to look for. AR Lawn Service performs yard cleanups to keep your yard healthy and beautiful. We take the time to review your landscape and gather all the plant debris and anything else blocking your still-living plants from getting the water, nutrients, and sunlight they need. Read More
Landscape Design
Image4- A.R Lawn Service LLC Second City improv aside, everything goes better when you have a plan. Landscape design is the process of planning out your landscape with its needs and your wants in mind. AR Lawn service knows how to incorporate all the elements of your yard to create a beautiful whole. And we also know how to make sure they don’t just look good but work well together. Read More
Image8- A.R Lawn Service LLCOnce we’ve helped you design your perfect landscape, we’ll install the plants you need to make it a reality. Like everything else, the beginning of any plant’s life is an important time in its development. We ensure new plants have what they need to survive, and transplants happen incident free. So let us plant your perfect landscape. Read More

A.R Lawn Service provides reliable yard cleanup, snow removal, landscaping, lawn care, mulching, planting & more in Orland Park and the surrounding areas. We’re not just here for a quick buck. A.R Lawn Service wants to build relationships with our clients based on exceptional care and customer service.

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