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Oak Lawn is a fairly average size village, with a population of a little under 60,000 wonderful residents. It’s a lovely suburb of Chicago, sitting southwest of the city. Located in the upper eastern corner of the state, it’s a fine place to settle down and make yourself at home. It was originally incorporated around 1859, and in the last 20 years, it’s received a makeover that’s transformed it for the better! We also have some notable names you may recognize who came from our fine village, like Tim Byrdak, Major League Baseball pitcher, and David Diehl, two-time Super Bowl champion for the New York Giants! It’s quite beautiful here, with fine people and many natural amenities making it even more so. We may have a rich history here and celebrities who have made their way from Oak Lawn, but that’s not all you can expect from this area. We do see some snow to make the village quaint – averaging about 32 inches of snowfall each year! Just above the U.S. average means we know how to handle the cold and that drifting white stuff. With that level of winter wonder, we often see fairly low temperatures – but our summers more than make up for the chill! Averaging mid-70s May through September, it’s the perfect weather to enjoy various family and adult activities! We love working for the community and look forward to making it a more beautiful place!

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Landscape- A.R Lawn Service LLC

As you arrive home after a long day of work or your friends are coming over, the lawn is the first thing anyone will see.

We ensure it is always a beautiful sight, with green grass, trimmed shrubs, manicured landscape beds, and beautiful blooms!

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Snow Removal
Image2- A.R Lawn Service LLC We don’t want anyone to get hurt or injured on your property – and we know you don’t want that either! So we provide top-notch snow removal services to ensure your hardscaping is safe for everyone and less likely to be damaged when Spring comes. Read More
Lawn Mowing
Lawn Mowing- A.R Lawn Service LLC Mowing your lawn may seem like such a simple task, but it has one of the biggest impacts on your landscape. Our mowing maintenance contracts are consistent and thorough, so your grass grows stronger and greener every week – not to mention looking marvelous! Read More
Lawn Care
Lawn Care- A.R Lawn Service LLCCaring for your lawn goes root deep – meaning every area needs your help to survive, even the smallest details. We provide services like weed control, fertilization, aeration, and overseeding to protect your lawn from becoming dingy and unhealthy over time. Read More
Landscape Design
Image4- A.R Lawn Service LLC Building up a beautiful landscape from scratch is challenging, but there are ways to make the process much easier! With our detailed 3D designs, you get a clear picture of the result from the start and make changes if necessary before we even get started. Read More
Yard Cleanups
Image6- A.R Lawn Service LLCUnfortunately, cleaning isn’t only meant for the inside of your home but the outside as well. For example, keeping your lawn clear of debris like leaves, wind-blown mulch, and other eyesores perpetuates a healthier growth cycle for your flora and a nicer aesthetic all year. Read More
A.R Lawn Service is known for its reliable landscaping, snow removal, lawn mowing, lawn care, and more in Oak Lawn, Illinois! You can always depend on us to be professional and create a welcoming customer-business relationship. Our hard work shines through in every service we provide because we aren’t satisfied until YOU’RE satisfied! Lawn care made simple!

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The A.R Lawn Service team is proud to offer our lawn and landscape services to the people in the communities of Oak Lawn, Evergreen Park, and Burbank, IL!

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