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What is Included in Our Mulching Service?

When AR is in charge of installing mulch in your flowerbeds and around your trees, we are improving the quality of your plant life. Each time mulch is added to your lawn, the plant life is protected from weeds and stores plenty of moisture for the roots. Your landscape deserves every attention to detail.

Mulch also boosts your curb appeal and makes your plant life stand out against the earth tones. You won’t have to worry about your plant life suffering and being chewed on by bugs and other pests. A.R Lawn provides each lawn with amazing mulch that lasts for weeks, allowing you more time to enjoy your plant life.

Mulch in Oak Lawn

Why A.R Lawn for All Your Mulching Needs?

Our team is professional and dedicated to our clients.

  • Communication allows us to execute all our client’s goals to ensure they get the landscape they want every time.
  • Customer service skills are important because we provide amazing services to enhance the community we all share.
  • Our skills are unmatched and let us build the amazing reputation by which we live.

How Does Your Garden Benefit from Mulching?

Fresh Nutrient Intake
When organic mulch deteriorates, it turns into the top soil and replenishes nutrients back into the soil. With this constant cycle, you won’t have to worry about erosion destroying your garden. Instead, nutrients keep your plant life vibrant and evergrowing.

Sometimes elements aren’t enough to create nutrients for all the plants in your garden, and some begin to fail. But, with our helping hand, you won’t have to worry about losing your plants anytime soon.

Prevent Weed Invasion
Mulch buries weed seeds deeper into the ground, making it harder for them to sprout and pop up among your plants. Burying seeds is much easier than removing them because they stay dormant for long periods. This process is safer for your flower beds and allows your plants to live longer.

Weeds bring down the health of your plants as a whole. But you won’t have to stress about your new flowers being overrun by pesky weeds when our team is there to help.

Moisture Lock
Laying fresh mulch down locks in the moisture left in the ground and stores it for the root systems. Roots are constantly looking for water to soak up and grow longer; with the help of mulch, they won’t have to go without. Your garden requires constant nutrition, and with the help of AR Lawn, your plant life will never go without.

Organic mulch breaks down and turns into soil after some time. Mulch is essential for keeping your plant life balanced out and retaining plenty of nutrients to go around. As a result, the root systems will be happy and able to grow stronger.

Mulch Can’t be the Only Helpful Tool; what Else will Boost the Health of Your Lawn?

Caring and Paying Attention to Your Lawn Helps Boost the Longevity

Lawn care is essential for keeping your yard in check! Designing how your landscape allows you to see the functionality of your garden physically.

Lawn Care

Lawn Care- A.R Lawn Service LLC

Each part of your lawn requires the same amount of protection from disease and weeds.

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Landscape Design

Image4- A.R Lawn Service LLC

Designing landscape features makes it easier to change details and reconfigure features if needed.

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Landscape- A.R Lawn Service LLC

Landscaping is a huge umbrella essential for healing the land that makes up your property and increasing the longevity of your home.

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