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Established in 1836, Lemont is one of the oldest American communities in northeastern Illinois. Back then, our small village was a primarily agricultural settlement that helped pave the way for more growth in the state by providing supplies to the nearby towns. Lemont’s seventeen thousand plus citizens’ careers are more diverse today, but we’re probably most known for Argonne National Laboratory. Like the rest of the midwest, Lemont experiences all four seasons, but like nearby Chicago, the winter here is what seems to count. A.R Lawn service provides landscaping for Lemont properties throughout the year, including winter snow and ice removal.

How Can A.R Lawn Service Serve Your Lemont Home?

Yard Cleanup
Image6- A.R Lawn Service LLCYard cleanup is essential not just for the look of your landscape but its health. Your plants constantly shed debris. Trees lose branches. Flowers lose petals. And we all know what fall brings! All this plant debris can get in the way of plants getting their essential needs like water, sunlight, and nutrients. So yard cleanup is a vital part of any landscaping routine. Read More
Snow Removal
Image2- A.R Lawn Service LLCYou might like snow in theory, but after the first winter storm, you’ll like it less in practice! Snow and ice removal is essential not just for getting on with your day but keeping your family safe and limiting your liability for injuries. Please don’t waste time and cause yourself potential problems by doing it yourself. Let the pros handle it. Read More
Image8- A.R Lawn Service LLCSometimes beginnings can be the most rewarding part of a process. But beginnings are also tricky; if you don’t start right, you won’t like the end! We help your trees, gardens, and other landscaping elements start their lives right by providing your planting needs and ensuring your newly installed plants have the essentials they need to survive and thrive. Read More
Lawn Mowing
Lawn Mowing- A.R Lawn Service LLCMowing your lawn is probably something you’ve done at some point. But the deceptively simple process has more to it than you might realize. To mow a lawn well, it should also be trimmed and edged. And lawns aren’t all uniform. We need to cut Different species to varying heights at different times of the year. Finally, to complete the work, a good blowout makes sure no messy clippings are left behind. Read More
Landscape Design
Image4- A.R Lawn Service LLCDon’t start anything without a plan! Sometimes, you think something will work well in your yard, but you haven’t considered the whole picture. AR Lawn Service works with our clients to help them design the ideal landscape to fit their home’s unique aesthetic and lifestyle. We know what works and what doesn’t, so we can save you the trouble of trial and error by getting it done right from the beginning. Read More
A.R Lawn Service provides reliable yard cleanup, snow removal, mulching, planting, lawn mowing, landscape design & more in Lemont and the surrounding areas. We’re not just a lawn care company. We’re a customer care company that puts as much effort into growing our customer relationships as we put into growing their plants. Lawn care made simple!

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Lawn care made simple!

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The A.R Lawn Service team is proud to offer our lawn and landscape services to the people in the communities of Oak Lawn, Orland Park, and Lemont, IL!

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