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What is Included in Our Lawn Care Services?

Lawn care services that we put all our experience and skills into are to protect your lawn from weeds, infertility, and pests. A.R Lawn ensures your property stays green and healthy each season to maximize the strength of your plant life. You won’t have to worry about taking time away from your busy schedule when you choose our team because we stay on top of the routine. We provide top fertilization to give your plant life a second chance it deserves. Our team doesn’t give your plants a chance to wither away. Relying on our team is made easy because we don’t shy away from a challenge!
Aeration in Oak Lawn

Why Choose A.R Lawn?

A.R Lawn is a reliable and professional team dedicated to our clients and their needs.
  • Communication is key when we are called upon to execute any landscaping job because you rely on us.
  • Dedication is our drive to enhance the community’s and your home’s health.
  • Our quality of work is unmatched because we aren’t finished until the client is satisfied.

How Does Consistent Lawn Care Boost Your Property?

Weeds Are Gone

Lawn treatments are effective when eliminating weeds and the potential for new ones to invade. However, some treatments are unsafe for you to do alone. We are licensed and certified to handle the best emergents for you!

Keeping your lawn in check and healthy simultaneously boosts the environment’s health. You won’t have to worry about the value of your property tanking because AR is doing everything possible to ensure your lawn stays green and weed-free.

Pests Don’t Stand a Chance

When we care for your lawn, you won’t have to worry about taking time out of your busy schedule. With our constant attention, pests won’t have anything that attracts them to your property. Pests eat your plant life and try to find ways to get into your home, so we need to prevent that from happening.

Without the presence of pests, the fertility of your landscape is unjeopardized. The plants aren’t being eaten, the nutrients in the soil aren’t being stolen, and your lawn stays vibrant and full!

Heal the Lawn

Healing your grass is an extensive process. Aeration and overseeding remove junk from the ground and allow nutrients to flood the soil. Through these processes, the grass can regrow and become stronger and thicker.

Each time your lawn turns yellow or has “bald spots,” you can be reassured that AR will be there to fix the problem and promote regrowth. In addition, the plant life surrounding your home will become more vibrant with each effort we take to encourage healing.

Is Lawn Care the Only Service to Make Your Property Shine? No Way!

Your Lawn Also Benefits Through Clean-up, Care, and Maintenance

Clearing your lawn up after each season and repairing the damage increases the strength of your property. Keeping the lawn maintained through mowing and mulching increases the intake of fresh nutrients.

Image7- A.R Lawn Service LLC

Mulch locks in the moisture for the root systems to have plenty of nutrients.

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Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing- A.R Lawn Service LLC

Consistent mowing is essential for keeping your lawn short and the blades straight.

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Yard Cleanup

Image6- A.R Lawn Service LLC

Cleaning up after each season preps the lawn for new growth and nutrient intake, and repairing itself is essential for the longevity of your property.

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A.R Lawn Service provides reliable lawn care and more amazing services for you and the communities of Oak Lawn, Evergreen Park, and Burbank, Illinois.

Lawn care made simple!

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The A.R Lawn Service team is proud to offer our lawn and landscape services to the people in the communities of Oak Lawn, Evergreen Park, and Burbank, IL!

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