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What is included in our Landscaping services?

Landscaping is equal parts art and science. It takes knowledge and skill to design, install and maintain landscapes. It takes creativity to make something beautiful. AR Landscaping loves combining the art and science of landscaping with a service mindset to give our customers a beautiful yard and a happy experience.

AR Lawn Service provides landscaping, lawn maintenance & more for residents & businesses in Hometown, Burbank, Evergreen Park & surrounding areas.

Why Hire A.R Lawn Service to Care for Your Property?

The only thing that A.R Lawn Service cares more about than our clients’ landscapes is our client relationships. We treat every job and client with respect and attention to detail, bringing our company values to our work.

  • Exceptional Service - Whether at your home for a one-time job or weekly service, we treat every job with the same level of detail and care.
  • Relationship-based - We don’t just want to get in, get out, and get paid. Landscapes are personal, and we know that letting someone take care of them takes trust. We want to be there for you for the long haul.
  • Good Communication - Communication is the foundation of a good relationship. We take the time to listen to our clients and understand what they need. We keep in touch, and what we say we’re going to do when we say we’re doing it.

How Does Quality Landscaping Help Your Home?

More Time Outside is Good for Your Health

Did you know that spending time outdoors is good for your physical and psychological health? It decreases diabetic risk, improves cardiovascular function, and much more! If you don’t love your yard, you won’t spend as much time in it, but when it is landscaped to your tastes, you’re more likely to want to hang out and enjoy it!

Increases Property Value
According to the American Society of Landscape Architects, landscaping can increase the price of a home from 15 to 20 percent! That’s up to $40,000 for a $200,000 home! Even if you’re not looking to sell your house, property value increases with neighborhood value, so improving now can make it worth more later. And your neighbors will thank you.
It makes a Good Impression.
Your yard is the first thing people see when they pull up to your house. For many people, your landscaping is all they know about you. To make that first (or only) impression good, AR Lawn will work with you to create the property of your dreams.

What Else Can We Do to Improve Your Landscape?

Full Property Care

As necessary as the initial landscape design and installation is, maintenance is what keeps your property in good shape. Of course, every element of your landscape affects every other, so we do complete property care, including the following:
Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Care- A.R Lawn Service LLC

Your lawn probably takes up the most real estate on your property and is often the first thing a person notices about your home. We handle mowing, edging, trimming, blowouts, and more.

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Snow and Ice Management

Image2- A.R Lawn Service LLC

During the winter, nothing grows, but your life still needs to go on. Get on our schedule before it snows so you can worry about staying warm and getting on with your day without shoveling out your driveway!

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Yard Cleanup

Image6- A.R Lawn Service LLC

Everyone knows about fall cleanup, but your plants shed petals, sticks, leaves, and more all year. AR Lawn Service handles your yard cleanup to keep your property healthy and neat.

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If you want a more beautiful and enjoyable outdoor life, A.R Lawn Service provides reliable landscaping, lawn maintenance, yard cleanup, and more for residents and businesses in Oak Lawn, Hometown, Burbank, Evergreen Park, and the surrounding areas. Give us a call!

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The A.R Lawn Service team is proud to offer our lawn and landscape services to the people in the communities of Oak Lawn, Evergreen Park, and Burbank, IL!

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