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What is included in our landscape design services?

Making the decision to change or upgrade your landscape is easy, but getting started is a whole other story. Many home or business owners need help figuring out what they need or how to start. Before you dive headfirst into a large project like this, it’s best to have a detailed plan with a solid visual to help the process run smoothly. When you’re ready to begin, we take note of what you want, your dislikes, and the area of lawn we have to work with. Then, we draw up a design for you to view and make changes to, if necessary, so you know what to expect and how your landscape will look once the project is complete!
3D design of backyard with greenery and hardscaping in Hometown, IL

Why is A.R Lawn Service, LLC the right choice for me?

We’re committed to creating a positive environment for our customers with the work we do:
  • Our team's owner is a local who's been in the business for years, so he's had time to perfect these services and wants to provide communication and a sense of community that can't be beaten.
  • You deserve to be heard and feel comfortable working with a lawn care professional; we create a close customer-business relationship that provides that.
  • Customer service isn't a phrase we use lightly; our services are exceptional and more than satisfactory, so you know your landscape is our priority.

How does this service help my landscape?

Allows your creativity with the development of your landscape.
Most people don’t want to give up total control regarding their landscape – you have opinions and needs, and we want to hear them! After all, it’s your property, and you need to be happy with the environment around you. Once we’ve drawn up a design that suits the information you’ve given us, you can visualize what it will eventually look like. From here, you can play around with positioning and amendments to make it unique!
It's easier to determine where you might encounter problems during installation.
Unfortunately, it’s hard to see a landscape project’s “bigger picture” before a design is done. The aesthetics aren’t the only concern – you may not realize the problems you might encounter until it’s right there. Having that fresh design to reference, you can better determine with your local professionals where problems may arise. These include but are not limited to property lines, issues with tree shade, or a lack of flow on your landscape.
If you don't like the way part of it looks, you can make changes.
We don’t want you to spend money where you don’t need to – and making changes to a finished landscaping project will cause that. However, our designs are meant to keep you as involved in the process as possible, so we know you’ll be happy with the result. Once you’ve thoroughly examined your new landscape, you may need to make adjustments. Within reason, you can change the dimensions, colors, layout, or lines if it doesn’t match the image you had in your head.

What other services should I consider for my property?

Everything you do for your lawn increases its longevity – these services are no different!

Landscape design would be pointless without proper aftercare. Therefore, keeping your lawn alive and thriving should be a priority:
Garden Installation

Garden Installation- A.R Lawn Service LLC

part of designing a beautiful landscape is accounting for new garden installation and landscape beds that will make your lawn pop.

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Care- A.R Lawn Service LLC

you can’t expect your new landscape to stay beautiful without help; routine maintenance keeps everything trimmed and pruned.

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Sod Installation

SOD Installation- A.R Lawn Service LLC

beautiful green grass is part of a healthy, eye-catching lawn; installing new sod when the old grass is struggling offers an “instant lawn” you’ll love.

Landscaping is a wonderful form of self-expression and boosts your property’s curb appeal. A.R Lawn Service is ready to provide your home or business with reliable landscape design in Oak Lawn, Evergreen Park, Burbank, and other surrounding areas of Illinois!

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