Reliable Landscaping, Snow Removal, Lawn Mowing, and Much More in Hometown, Illinois!

At A.R Lawn Service, we’re proud to call Hometown home! We started here in our little city that borders Chicago before expanding our service into the surrounding towns. We love being in a city that has meant so much to the country’s freight and transportation and doing our part to improve it. Hometown packs a lot of weather into half a square mile of land! Since we’re so close to Chicago, a city famous for its snow, it’s no surprise that snow removal is a significant piece of what we do for our clients! But we love making your property beautiful and verdant during the spring and summer months into the fall!
A before and after image of a bush transformed from ugly to lovely by AR Lawn Service in Hometown, IL.

What Can A.R Lawn Service Do For Your Hometown Home?

Landscape Design
Landscape- A.R Lawn Service LLCIt all starts with a plan! A well-thought-out landscape design ensures you will have a beautiful property. When we design your landscape, we begin by talking with you about what you are looking for in your landscape; then, we survey your property to understand its needs and limitations. Then we apply all that information and the fundamentals of good design like color, height, and texture to build you the yard of your dreams. Read More
Lawn Mowing
Lawn Mowing- A.R Lawn Service LLCLandscaping is more than lawn mowing, but no one will notice the rest of your landscape without a neat lawn. And a good cut doesn’t end with a mow. Part of mowing is also edging, trimming, and blowouts. We know that details matter, so we bring our A-game, whether it’s the first mow of the spring, the last of the fall, or anything in between. Read More
Snow Removal
Image2- A.R Lawn Service LLCIt’s no secret that Hometown is home to bitterly cold and harsh winters! It’s your job to keep you and your family safe and warm. AR Lawn can help with the safety aspect of snow removal service. Get on our schedule before the first snow, and you won’t have to think about snow (or shoveling) for the rest of the winter! Read More
Image7- A.R Lawn Service LLCYou might not give mulch a whole lot of thought, but it has a whole lot of benefits for your landscape! Most homeowners use mulch as a weed barrier, but it also serves as an insulator during cold Illinois winters and hot summers. Mulch also keeps your water in your soil so your plants’ roots can drink it before it evaporates. And when you pick the right mulch, it enhances the look of the flower beds or other plants they surround. Read More
Yard Cleanups
Image6- A.R Lawn Service LLCKeeping your property clean is the minimum for a neat and healthy yard. But yard cleanups are more than ensuring you don’t have fall leaves or litter. Plants are in a constant cycle of change, meaning they need pruning and removal of plants that have died. In addition, wind and storms cause the loss of branches and other plant parts. All this plant debris can negatively impact your living plants by blocking them from getting the water, light, and food they need. Read More
Lawn Care
Lawn Care- A.R Lawn Service LLC Though we’ve discussed mowing and other regular maintenance, your lawn also needs seasonal care to stay healthy and lush all year. Since grass doesn’t move, it will eventually use up the nutrients in the soil. So we add fertilizer to keep it healthy. Other vital lawn care elements include weed management, aeration to loosen the dirt, and overseeding to replenish your grass. Read More

For reliable landscape design, lawn care, mulching, yard cleanups, snow removal, and more in Hometown and the surrounding areas, call A.R Lawn Service! If you’ve seen our work, you’ll want us to manage your yard, and once you’ve worked with us, you’ll appreciate our customer service and good communication. Hometown is our home, and we love making it beautiful.

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