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Evergreen Park, a suburb of Chicago surrounded by that city on three sides, got its name from a star-shaped park that was once intended to be the center of the town. However, as Evergreen Park grew and the center shifted, we retained the name and incorporated it to avoid annexation in 1893.

Evergreen Park has all four seasons and gets the best (or worst, depending on who you ask) of everyone. Our summers are hot and humid, while our winters are freezing, like most of the area. Luckily, Park residents have a partner in A.R Lawn Service to help them with their property management needs in every weather.

How Can A.R Lawn Service Improve Your Evergreen Park Property?


Landscape- A.R Lawn Service LLCYour landscaping is part of your home, and it’s also a way for you to show a little personality. We help you to create and maintain the perfect landscape to suit your lifestyle and home.

Flowers, trees, lawns, and more all create the individual elements that make your landscape work. But they need to look good for themselves and as part of the whole.

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Lawn Care

Lawn Care- A.R Lawn Service LLCLawn care is everything we do for your lawn that isn’t mowing and edging. It’s what goes beyond the cosmetic. Care is everything that makes your lawn healthier.

Some of the lawn care tasks we do for our clients include aeration (creating space in the soil), overseeding, fertilizing, and lawn treatments. In addition to our treatments, we also take time to remove any weeds that survive by hand.

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Image7- A.R Lawn Service LLCThough non-living, mulch is an essential element in every yard. Not only does it create a gorgeous frame for everything you grow, but it also enables it all to stay healthy. You might be surprised by all that mulch does for your flowers and other plants.

As a covering, it creates a weed barrier. It insulates from cold and heat, and some mulches even break down to feed the soil.

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Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing- A.R Lawn Service LLCIf you have a lawn, you need to mow it! But mowing isn’t just the literal act of operating the mower. When AR Lawn Service mows your yard, we also take the time to do the detailed work.

That includes edging so you have distinct lines between your lawn and other landscape elements, trimming details, and blowing out the grass, so you don’t have a mess in your driveway when we’re done.

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Yard Cleanups
Image6- A.R Lawn Service LLCIt’s not just fall leaves that need to be cleaned up in your yard. That might be the most significant dumping of plant debris, but your plants are changing and shedding all year. All that debris can get in the way of water, sunlight, and nutrients reaching your plants. It can also trap moisture, causing mold or ice during winter. Cleanups keep your plants safe, healthy, and vibrant.

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Snow Removal
Image2- A.R Lawn Service LLC
We’ve talked a lot about growing, but everything is dormant for a big chunk of the year. Winter isn’t easy in Evergreen Park, but AR Lawn Service is here to do our part to make it a little easier for you.

We can’t keep you warm, but we will make it safer at home or work and easier for you to get in or out. Call us before it snows, so you’ll already be on the schedule!

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A.R Lawn Service provides reliable landscaping, lawn care, mulching, lawn mowing, yard cleanups, snow removal & more in Evergreen Park and the surrounding areas. Your relationship with your landscaping company should grow along with your landscape. We put exceptional care into our customer service as well as our work so that we can build a lifetime relationship.

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