The Five Essentials for Fall Cleanup

by | Aug 21, 2023 | Fall Cleanup

Autumn is a beautiful season with colorful leaves dotting the landscape. Children are returning to school, the weather is cooling, and neighbors are preparing for winter. Your next steps involve a fall cleanup and installing seasonal decorations to celebrate special occasions. So, what should your first steps be, and how can you ensure a thorough fall cleaning? This blog will explain. Five Lawn Maintenance Hacks for Fall Cleanup You have much to do before the temperature outside becomes frigid. And you'll have plenty to do when the spring arrives. Expect even more work if you don't clean the yard before it snows. Compacted snow mounds, ice, and road debris can wreck your landscaping. Repairing damaged landscaping and hardscaping can be costly. Avoid the expense with these five fall cleanup essentials: a before and after picture of a front lawn with and without fall cleanup services #1. Leaf Removal Rake leaves and dispose of them according to your community standards. Allowing a leaf pile to lay on your grass or pavement can devastate the lawn. Wet leaves can stain hardscaping, cause mold spores, and invite pests into your yard. #2. Mulching Consider transforming your leaf pile into compost or mulch. You can place natural mulching around trees, bushes, flower beds, and hardscaped structures to create beautiful borders and eliminate weeds. The correct mulch can also help fertilize your lawn and maximize precipitation during drought-like conditions. #3. Shrub Pruning and Tree Trimming Remove excess sprouts from shrubs and bushes, then trim your trees. This step can help prevent falling branches and shabby front lawns. Next, remove spent annual plants, pull weeds or apply weed-killing chemicals, and divide overgrown plants to thicken your garden. #4. Lawn Mowing Keep your lawn mowed to prevent weed growth and promote healthy grass lifespans. Mowing also improves soil vitality by spreading nutrients and deterring pests. Hire professional landscapers in Illinois to assess your property and determine whether aeration/overseeding should come before mowing services. #5. Seasonal Landscaping Prepare for seasonal holidays and social gatherings with eye-catching decorations and a thorough fall cleanup. Clean and store outdoor furniture. Pack cushions, pillows, and umbrellas. Then ensure adequate lawn drainage while keeping hoses and other summer equipment to prevent freezing and cracking. Winterizing Your Lawn in the Falla backyard with leaves on the ground next to a picture of the same backyard without leaves on the ground How do you winterize lawns in Illinois? What steps should you take during fall cleanups to create a winter wonderland? Begin by cleaning, sharpening, and packing gardening tools for the next season. You won’t need them again until spring. And you can hire IL landscapers to remove snow throughout the colder months. Next, insulate sensitive plants and remove delicate vegetation to prevent spoilage. Or cover foliage with cloth or burlap to stop frostbite. Now is also the perfect time to remove drain water from outdoor containers and to avoid cracking during freezing temperatures. Set up autumn décor and ask local landscapers for help. They can tell you which plants work during frigid weather, how to maintain your landscaping, and what to do with lawn ornaments before snowfall. Experienced teams can also provide customized advice for winterizing your lawn in the fall. Final Thoughts Get ahead of the game by consulting your landscaping team before fall cleanup services. Know what to ask, and note anything that stands out or causes concern. Share property details during the assessment, and set realistic expectations to ensure satisfactory work. Conclusion Follow these five steps to ensure your outdoor living spaces survive the cold Illinois winter. You have enough to do during the holiday season, and worrying about your lawn shouldn’t be one of them. Ask local landscapers for fall cleanup advice, mowing services, and lawn maintenance tips. Then hire them for snow removal throughout the winter. Contact experts to determine which steps are appropriate for your property. Prepare for colder months and get ready for spring with thorough autumn yard management. Touch every square foot of your property and help protect it from bad weather.