What Lands in the Realm of Landscaping

by | May 29, 2023 | Landscaping

Mulching: A Necessity for a Healthy Landscape Mulch is more than colorful plant debris, and it tips the scale of the survival of your plant life. The point of mulching your garden is to lock in moisture for the roots to keep growing and absorbing the nutrients; AR Lawn ensures that a perfect amount of mulch is laid for each flowerbed. As a bonus benefit, when organic mulch breaks down, it replenishes the topsoil with fresh nutrients, so your soil stays fertile and healthy. In addition, your plants will grow stronger and more vibrant when the right mulch is laid in each bed. Flowerbed Maintenance: The Key to a Flourishing Garden Maintaining your garden is essential for keeping out unwanted visitors and prolonging the health and longevity of the garden. Getting up close and personal with your garden allows you to see what belongs and what doesn’t. Each flowerbed requires its own allotted time for thorough care and attention. Our team maintains each flowerbed thoroughly to ensure plenty of room is available for plenty of plant growth. As a result, there is no room for weeds or pests when AR Lawn is around! Outstanding landscape designs in Oak Lawn Landscape Design: Creating a Custom Outdoor Space There are a plethora of choices for what kind of outdoor living space you want, and that fits your needs. Do you have a specific hobby that could be incorporated into the space? Modeling your outdoor space after a hobby or theme makes it easier to set up the space. Outdoor living spaces can be anything from an outdoor kitchen to a living room. The use of the space and whether you plan to have parties or get-togethers depends on your intentions. For example, will there be plenty of seating? 3D Renderings: Visualizing Your Landscaping Dreams 3D designs allow you to see your landscape; each feature can be seen from all views. The point is to ensure that functionality isn’t lost from the construction. AR Lawn helps provide you with some amazing 3D designs of your landscape that are completely customizable and can be changed if needed. 3D designs allow you to physically see how the feature will fit in the landscape to ensure the space is used correctly. Sod Installation: A Quick and Easy Lawn Solution If you look outside and your grass is patchy and yellow, and you can see the soil through “bald spots,” it’s time to consider installing some fresh sod. Then, you won’t have to worry about the soil getting blown away with the wind and losing the fertility of your lawn. Sod lays on top of the grass already there and creates a blanket that grows into the soil underneath. Annual Flowers: Adding Color and Variety to Your Landscape Super Sod Installation offered in Oak Lawn Does your landscape look a little dull and feel like it’s missing something? The addition of flowers adds a pop of color to any space. There are a variety of flowers and colors to choose from to enhance the landscape and give your flowerbeds a new purpose. Garden Installation: Creating a Personal Oasis Your garden is your oasis. What would you add to it to enhance the feeling of tranquility? From outdoor living spaces to elemental features, your garden is your personal relaxation spot to decompress from the day. Enhancing your garden could also increase the value of your home. Pruning: Essential for Plant Health and Beauty Pruning flowers, branches, shrubs, and ferns are essential for cutting away the dying or dead leaves to make room for healthier ones. You won’t have to worry about the strength of your plant life when consistent care is given to each plant type. AR Lawn has the perfect amount of experience and skills to prune your garden to maximize growth. Landscaping encompasses a wide range of services that help homeowners create and maintain a beautiful outdoor space. From mulching and flowerbed maintenance to landscape design and 3D renderings, there are many options to choose from when it comes to enhancing your yard. Sod installation can provide a quick and easy solution for a new lawn, while annual flowers can add color and variety to your landscape. Your garden can create a personal oasis, and we include pruning to keep your plants healthy and beautiful. Whether you need a complete overhaul of your outdoor space or just a few updates, a landscaping service can meet your needs.